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As a member of Medicines Australia, CSL Vifor has undertaken to be open and transparent when we provide a reportable payment or transfer of value to a healthcare professional. Reportable payments or transfers of value are: 

  • Payments for the provision of services such as giving lecture, chairing an educational meeting, providing advice as a member of an Advisory Board or as a consultant
  • Airfares, accommodation and/or conference registration fees to attend medical education as part of those services.

CSL Vifor has prepared the report for publication in accordance with Medicines Australia Code of Conduct - Edition 19, and Australian Privacy legislation. The report contains all reportable payments or transfers of value for each healthcare professional, by name.

The report for activities and payments made in Australia prior to November 2018 is available on our global website, with the reports being made available for at least three years from the date of publication.

Reporting data from November 2018 onwards is now held in a database administered by Medicines Australia. This database is designed to be searchable as well as downloaded as a CSV file. For further information about the details in the report, or to search the database, please visit